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Great Bear Rainforest | Ian McAllister
Guest ranches are incredibly popular places for travellers in our neck of the woods. That only makes sense since we feel like the last bastion of the “wild west” lifestyle. Nothing beats the sensation of being horseback with the wind in your hair on a wide-open range. Except maybe the spa treatment and meal waiting for you at the end of that horseback ride. Click these flat-sheets to learn more.
A place to let the cowboy in you come out
A place to let the cowboy in you out The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is true cowboy country, home to the province’s highest concentration of guest ranches. Discover wilderness settings, scenic trail rides, rejuvenating spas, great food and western hospitality. Whether you want to experience life as a ranch-hand, wish to be pampered under lavish accommodations or experience the thrill of backcountry adventure, this “Land Without Limits” has it all!
Where rugged meets relaxation And if viewing bears in their natural, wild habitat gets your motor running, then you should know our region is the best region in the world to do it. See how, where and when’s best by checking out this flat-sheet on bear viewing.
Where rugged meets relaxation
Bear Viewing - the mighty beast
Bear Viewing – The mighty beast The Cariboo, Chilcotin and Central Coast areas of British Columbia, offer breathtaking beauty, ruggedness, incredible wildlife and outdoor adventure opportunities. Our tourism partners showcase what are arguably the world’s best wildlife adventures, providing up close experiences with bears in their natural habitat.