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Bowron Lake | Thomas Drasdauskis

If you have to ask “What is there to do in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast area?” then be prepared for an exhaustive answer. As a pinnacle destination for outdoor activities, the question could be more adequately phrased as “What ISN’T there to do?” And instead of giving you the laundry list of things that we know goes on here, we’ve decided that maybe you might find some idea if we broke down the list into sectors we serve. Here goes…

Fishing & Hunting Flightseeing
Golf Guest Ranches & Rodeos
Hiking Hiking
Indigenous Experiences Motorcycle Touring

Many of these activities can be done and found in a variety of regions and sub-regions in our area, including:

Fraser Canyon
Gold Rush Trail

And then there are the things you can do in our region broken down differently by recognizing the historical aspects of the activities. Like…

Mining & Forestry
Gold Rush Trail
Cowboys & Railroads

With so many different activities and different ways of learning about them, you may find better use of our annual travel guide.