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Dog Creek Valley | Michael Bednar

What Is A “Land Without Limits”? Stretching across central British Columbia from the Rocky and Cariboo Mountains west to the Great Bear Rainforest of the wild Pacific Coast is a “land without limits”. The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region renowned for its natural beauty, history, culture and boundless outdoor opportunities is comprised of three distinct regions each with their own individual personality. The serene, lush Cariboo where the Gold Rush is still very much alive, the free-spirited “wild west” appeal of the Chilcotin and the Coast, a wild landscape defined by seemingly countless fjords, islands and unique ancient cultures and forests of the Pacific Coast. What is a “land without limits”?

About the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Xatśūll Heritage Village – Soda Creek, BC | Michael Bednar

This is a place where Indigenous culture and contemporary lifestyles exist harmoniously, and where ancient traditions and modern life have each carved out their place in a vast, dramatic environment. It is a region of British Columbia comprised of 117,000 km² of breathtaking beauty, ruggedness, incredible wildlife and outdoor adventure opportunities that will ensure you are actively enjoying nature throughout this great land. Your imagination will run wild and your opportunity to explore is truly limitless.

About the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Bowron Lake, BC | Thomas Drasdauskis

Geographically a brief glimpse into this diverse world of distinctive landscapes will expose you to alpine mountains and glaciers, deciduous woodlands and forests, deserts and sandstone canyons, evergreen timberlands, ocean fjords and inlets. All of which provide the perfect foundation for the physical and cultural activities and experiences to be found in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast. Our physical land draws people to its overpowering radiance and we love showcasing this part of our character. Many resorts, guest ranches, festivals and events take advantage of an exciting wild west past that includes the history of our First Nations peoples, the fur trade, the gold rush and ranching.

Great Bear Rainforest BC

Great Bear Rainforest | Ian McAllister

Imagine a coastline with thousands of kilometres of secluded coves, fjords, inlets, pristine beaches and rocky shores where you’ll find what’s arguably the world’s best saltwater fishing and eco-adventures, providing up-close experiences with sea birds, bears, whales, dolphins and sea lions. First Nations villages along the central coast are rich in heritage and they take pride in sharing their stories. If your timing is right, you can witness one of nature’s most remarkable feats when the salmon miraculously migrate back to their birthplace to spawn each year in the many rivers and streams throughout the region.

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Big Bar Guest Ranch – Clinton, BC | Guy Lundstrom

While we proudly embrace and present our open skies and a rustic edge, we are so much more. We also offer sophisticated resorts and spas, championship golf courses, and a wide range of cultural, intellectual, and adventure experiences. Mountain bikers, skiers, hikers, snowmobilers, golfers, campers, photographers, fishermen and sailors all thrive in the region’s varied topography. This region of small cities, towns, and villages is the perfect place to enjoy these activities and outdoor adventures while exploring our cultural history. So, come share your adventures with us and experience our hospitality as you explore our remarkable “Land Without Limits.”