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Welcome to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Tatlayoko Lake | Kari Medig

It’s where everything and anything happens! We have rugged wilderness, incredible wildlife, and outdoor adventure. Hang out in our backyard and fuel your imagination while exploring the endless opportunities nature has.

Bowron Lake | Thomas Drasdauskis

Bowron Lake | Thomas Drasdauskis

Where culture and contemporary lifestyles exist harmoniously; where ancient traditions and modern life have each etched their place forever. We brag about our open skies with a rustic flair but we also love to be spoiled rotten at the not-so-well hidden sophisticated resorts, spas and championship golf courses. Choose from festivals and events, first-hand interactive gold rush/wild west, Indigenous cultural experiences or sampling estate wines – the only limit is you.

Indigenous Experiences Media Visits

Bella Coola, BC | Callum Snape

For those hooked on the adrenaline/adventure experiences, we have things just for you mountain bikers, skiers, hikers, snowmobilers, and all the rest of the outdoorsy types. We all thrive. We have just what you’re looking for. We love showing off our personality, charisma, and character, after all, what’s life if you don’t live it out loud? Make time and explore our Land without Limits.

Media Visits to the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Dogsledding | Thomas Drasdauskis